Acupressure Ear Seeds


Empower your daily health with this ear seed kit. The ear contains hundreds of acupressure points that represent a microsystem of your whole body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ear seeds are an easy, needle-free way to activate your acupressure points and relieve stress, encourage hormone balance, and boost the immune system.

This kit includes: 20 gold ear seeds*, 20 Swarovski crystal ear seeds*, gold WTHN tweezers, and a “how to” map of 10 points to apply the seeds.

*Seeds are on 24k gold plated pellets on a stainless steel base.


24k gold plated pellets on a stainless steel base; Swarovski crystals

How to Use

Use tweezers to gently press seeds on the same point on both ears. Points can be combined as needed depending on desired results. Remove after 3-5 days.

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WTHN Accupressure Ear Seeds Box


Acupressure Ear Seeds