Walden Original Meditation Cushion Set

Once Per Month
Every Other Month

Create a space for self-reflection and clarity with the Walden Meditation Cushion Set. Filled with hypoallergenic buckwheat hull from upstate New York, this meditation seat also boasts a top layer of gel-infused memory foam that makes it supportive, body adaptive, and comfortable. A carry handle allows you to take your cushion anywhere, while a matching mat creates a complete at-home meditation spot. Available in Carbon, Cloud, and Clay colors.

Cushion Height: 6in / Diameter: 15in / Weight: 8lbs
Mat Length: 30in / Width: 18in / Depth: 1.5in

Use mat and cushion to sit comfortably and enjoy your meditation practice. If needed, place against wall for extra support. It is typically beneficial to keep your spine and neck erect, have hips above your knees, and tuck your sacrum forward.
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