Vibration Perfume Nº3 Air

Scent: Nº3 Air
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Inspire hope and beauty with Bodha Vibration Perfume Nº1 Air, a hand-made and sustainably-sourced perfume oil. Crafted with notes of crisp green melon, translucent flowers, and soft ocean breeze, this perfume offers a sense of breeziness and wonder. Additionally, a rollerball applicator allows you to easily reapply--and raise your spirits--wherever you are.

Natural and vegan.

0.5fl oz / 15ml


Green Mandarin Rind, Ho-Leaf Extract, Ylang Flower III Extract, Watermint Extract, Violet Leaf Absolute, Copaiba Balsam, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil

How to Use

Dab behind your ears, wrists, and over your heart to inspire hope and beauty.

Note: Some cloudiness or sediment may occur in the liquid due to the all-natural ingredients.

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