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Theragun PRO

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Theragun PRO is a professional-grade tool that allows you to experience the benefits of a deep muscle treatment at home. Engineered to reach 60% deeper into muscle (at 40 times per second) than the average massager, PRO uses percussive therapy to support muscle recovery, improve sleep, increase range of motion and flexibility, and enhance posture. This tool boasts a rotating arm, ergonomic multi-grip, 300-minute battery life, customizable speed range, and app integration. Plus, it comes with a protective carrying case and six easy-to-clean attachments. Comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

10in x 7.1in x 3in

Theragun PRO
Protective Carrying Case
Six Attachments With Travel Pouch (Supersoft, Dampener, Standard Ball, Wedge, Thumb, and Cone)
2 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries
Lithium-ion Battery Charger.

Float the device across the treatment areas, gliding up and down the muscle. Gradually apply light to moderate pressure as needed. Stay on one spot for no longer than three to four seconds at a time. Use any time during the day with the appropriate force, grip, and attachments for your needs.
The PRO can be used before, during, and after your workout. Warm-up by floating the device over the area you intend to exercise for 30 seconds. To activate your body during your workout, float the device over the desired spot for 15 seconds. For post-workout recovery, float the device slowly over your body for one to two minutes.
Slight redness, itchiness, soreness, or sweating may occur and is a normal part of recovery. Do not use on the genital area or any higher than the base of your neck. Do not use on the front or back of your torso if you are pregnant. If you have a pacemaker or prosthetic, do not use the device on that area. Do not use on broken bones or open wounds.
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