Strands of Sunshine Saffron

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Add brightness to your day with The Fullest Strands of Saffron. A convenient addition to teas, infusions, and cooking, these saffron threads have been known to boost mood, reduce cravings, support a clear complexion, and address inflammation. Additionally, The Fullest’s saffron is sourced from a woman-owned and operated business in Southern California that works with farmers in Afghanistan and gives a portion of it profits back to those who harvest these powerful strands.

0.7oz / 2g

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Saffron Tea: Add 15 threads to 8oz hot water.
Saffron Water: Add 15 threads to a cup of ice and tir before adding water.
Saffron Concentrate: Use a mortar and pestle to grind threads with a pinch of salt. Add a splash of hot water and then refrigerate liquid. Add your concentrate to recipes by the teaspoon.
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