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Probiotic Skin Refiner

Once Per Month
Every Other Month

Achieve smooth and radiant skin with this exfoliator. Utilizing a unique Flora Culture™ fermentation process, this wholefood formula naturally forms lactic acid, helping improve skin’s texture, tone, and firmness. This exfoliant is cruelty free, non-GMO, and has no artificial ingredients.

3.4 fl oz / 100 ml

How to Use

Apply to the skin with a cotton pad after cleansing, morning and night.


Purified Water, Naturally and Organically Grown: Grains (Wheat, Rye, Oats, Maize, Brown Rice), Grasses (Alfalfa, Barley, Wheat), Algaes (Spirulina, Chlorella, Dunaliella Salina), Seeds (Millet, Flaxseed, Buckwheat), Legumes (Chickpeas, Mung Beans, Lentils, Adzuki Beans, Soya Beans), Lemon Juice, Honey, Agave, Lactic Acid, Lactobacillus.
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