Sprite Snuggler For Grief and Loss

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Help your child navigate grief and loss with the Sprite Snuggler from Slumberkins. The included board book shares the story of Sprite to assist you in finding the right words to talk to your child and providing them with an outlet for communicating their feelings. An ivory-colored Sprite snuggler with hypoallergenic fill acts as a comforting and supportive friend during difficult times, and an affirmation card provides children with a mantra that can help them through the day.

Includes: Board book, Sprite snuggler, and affirmation card.

How to Use

Read the board book and affirmation card to your child as they cuddle up with their Sprite snuggler. If possible, have them repeat each line of the affirmation card back to you. Practice the skills and learnings instilled in this book as you navigate this journey: for example, using Sprite’s story to encourage your child to share their feelings rather than hide them away.

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Sprite Snuggler For Grief and Loss


Sprite Snuggler For Grief and Loss