Sloth Snuggler for Relaxation

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Help your child to relax and wind down after a busy day with the Sloth Snuggler for Relaxation. This bundle includes a board book that tells the story of Slumber Sloth, a character that teaches little ones progressive muscle relaxation techniques so they can build a soothing end-of-day routine that calms their mind and body before bed. Children can also cuddle the included Slumber Sloth snuggler as they fall asleep and use the affirmation card to remind themselves of Slumber Sloth’s lesson whenever needed.

Includes: Board book, Slumber Sloth snuggler, and affirmation card.

How to Use

Read the board book and affirmation card to your child as they cuddle up with their Slumber Sloth snuggler. If possible, have them repeat each line back to you. Practice the skills and learnings instilled in this book and card as you navigate your learning journey together: for example, using Slumber Sloth’s story to remind your child to slowly count and take deep breaths to help themselves relax.

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Sloth Snuggler for Relaxation


Sloth Snuggler for Relaxation