Hammerhead Snuggler for Conflict Resolution

Show the little one in your life how to resolve conflict in a healthy with the Hammerhead Snuggler from Slumberkins. The Hammerhead board book teaches children calming techniques that can help them regulate their emotions so they can make issues with their friends and family right. A Hammerhead snuggler with soft fur and hypoallergenic fill acts as a supportive friend for children to cuddle as they learn, and an affirmation card allows them to practice their new mantra throughout the day.

Includes: Board book, Hammerhead snuggler, and affirmation card.

Read the board book and affirmation card to your child as they cuddle up with their Hammerhead snuggler. If possible, have them repeat each line of the affirmation card back to you. Practice the skills and learnings instilled in this book in everyday life: for example, using Hammerhead’s storyline to remind your child to take a deep breath when experiencing big emotions.
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