Dragon Snuggler for Creativity

Encourage your child to unleash their creativity with the Dragon Snuggler from Slumberkins. This bundle includes a board book that tells the story of Dragon, a character that teaches children they can tap into their imagination however and whenever they choose, whether that be by dreaming up stories or drawing and coloring. A Dragon snuggler with soft, celestial blue-colored fur and hypoallergenic fill serves as both a cuddly friend for your children and a reminder to follow their curiosity. Meanwhile, an affirmation card helps strengthen learning and build a family routine around self-expression.

Includes: Board book, Dragon snuggler, and affirmation card.

Read the board book and affirmation card to your child as they cuddle up with their Dragon snuggler. If possible, have them repeat each line back to you. Practice the skills and learnings instilled in this book and card as you navigate your learning journey together: for example, using Dragon’s story to remind your child to make space for creativity.
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