Alpaca Snuggler for Stress Relief

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Impart the valuable life skill of anxiety management to your child with the Alpaca Snuggler from Slumberkins. This set includes a board book that uses the story of Alpaca to teach children how to articulate their feelings, share worries, and alleviate stress. An Alpaca snuggler made with soft, copper-colored fur and hypoallergenic fill gives children a reassuring friend to snuggle, and an affirmation card allows them to practice the daily mantra they've learned wherever they go.

Includes: Board book, Alpaca snuggler, and affirmation card.

How to Use

Read the board book and affirmation card to your child as they snuggle up with their Alpaca snuggler. If possible, have them repeat each line of the affirmation card back to you. Practice the skills and learnings instilled in this book in everyday life: for example, using Alpaca’s storyline to talk about stressful situations with your child.

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Alpaca Snuggler for Stress Relief


Alpaca Snuggler for Stress Relief