Skin Gym

Face Sculptor


The Skin Gym Face Sculptor is a beauty roller designed to sculpt the face for a healthy, rejuvenated glow.

The Face Sculptor from Skin Gym mimics the effect of a professional massage, promoting lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and encourage healthier-looking skin. Massaging your favorite facial serum into the skin with a facial tool promotes better absorption for a natural glow.
Use the Face Sculptor 5-10 minutes daily for healthy-looking skin and improved blood flow. Use with serum, oil, or moisturizer on freshly cleansed skin. Rinse with water. Dry thoroughly.

About the Brand

Skin Gym

Creating basics for authentic beauty, Skin Gym provides beauty tools and rollers for healthy, glowing skin. Based in Los Angeles, each product is cruelty-free and made without harsh chemicals for a natural take on skincare.