Reset For Immunity Tea

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A blend of organic hemp and healing herbs, Reset for Immunity is a lightly-caffeinated tea with blackberry, ginger, fennel, elder flower, cat's claw, honeybush, pai mu tan, and hemp. Vitamins in blackberry, fennel, and pai mu tan combine with antioxidant-rich ginger and cat's claw, while elderflower and honeybush reduce inflammation alongside the leaves and buds of the hemp plant.

1oz / Approximately 40 cups of tea

How to Use

20 tbsp. servings make approximately 40 cups of tea. Steep one tbsp. for 4-6 minutes. Each tbsp. can be reused once, if desired.


Blackberry, Ginger, Fennel, Elder Flower, Cat's Claw, Honeybush, Pai Mu Tan, Hemp