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CBD Infused Coffee Beans By Doma

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Proper Hemp Co. and Doma Coffee Roasting Company have partnered together to bring us controlled energy in a coffee cup. Flavored with dark chocolate, almonds, and malt, CBD is directly infused into the naturally occurring oils from this organic raw coffee bean during roasting, preserving both the flavor of the bean and the potency of the broad spectrum hemp CBD oil.

500mg CBD / 15mg per 10 grams of coffee and 6oz of water / 34 servings

CBD and coffee beans combine in an invigorating and balancing blend. Full in flavor and rich in aroma, we love harnessing all the energy of these broad spectrum hemp CBD-infused coffee beans without the jitters of caffeine. Take our advice and mindfully open this bag - the smell is one you'll want to savor.
Coffee Bean infused with 500mg of PhytoCannabinoid Rich (CBD) Hemp Extract
Use about 2 tablespoons (10 grams) to 6 ounces of boiled water (195-200 degrees). To ensure CBD is dispersed as intended, use a thin filter or French press.