Meditation Cushion Set

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Inspired by tradition but modern in design, this portable cushion set supports your meditation practice so you can reach a place of calm. The bottom cushion assists body alignment and stability, while the top cushion elevates the hips and allows the knees to drop so blood can circulate properly to the legs and feet. Made with 100% organic materials, this meditation cushion set has a machine washable outer cover and an inner cover with a zipper that allows you to easily add a scent pack. Available in the colors Moonstone and Natural Canvas.

Top Cushion Length: 14in / Width: 14in / Height: 6in
Bottom Cushion Length: 30in / Width: 30in / Height: 2in

How to Use

Place bottom cushion on the floor. Align top cushion handle with bottom cushion handle before sitting cross-legged on top cushion with hips down and legs resting on the bottom cushion. Enjoy our meditation practice.


Organic Cotton Canvas Cover, Buckwheat Hulls, Organic Cotton Batting, Paper Leather Handle.
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