Plant People

Olive Oil


Chef-crafted and lab-tested, Plant People extra virgin CBD olive oil is a kitchen staple of ours. Local, California-grown olive oil, naturally high in antioxidants, nourishes the body while organic CBD aids in immunity and reduces stress, anxiety, and inflammation, making this a perfect match of body and mind enhancing components. Excellent on its own with crusty bread, or drizzled over a salad for a touch of richness, this extra virgin CBD olive oil is best as a condiment, not cooked, to preserve the healing properties of CBD.

200mg Organic CBD

Olive oil on its own has many beneficial properties, but when combined with CBD you have an amazing anti-inflammatory duo.
200mg CBD, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Drizzle 1 tablespoon or more on your food as needed or enjoy on its own as a healthful remedy.

About the Brand

Plant People

It was on a hike that Gabe Kennedy and Hudson Gaines-Ross discovered their shared experience of conventional surgeries after traumatic spinal injuries and pharmaceuticals that left them feeling dissociated and irritable. Alongside high quality and innovative products, Plant People believes in making alternative choices when it comes to healing the body and mind.

Made in New York City with CBD sourced from the Hudson Valley, their reach extends both near and far. Plant People donates a portion of every sale to American Forests, a non-profit that aims to create healthy, thriving forests.