Better understand your unique fertility and receive personalized steps to getting pregnant with The Ooova Kit, the world's first fertility translator.

This at-home urine test measures two key fertility hormones--luteinizing hormone and progesterone--with the same accuracy as a blood test. Working alongside a smartphone app, Oova interprets your precise hormone levels to show patterns and changes that teach you more about your fertility every day. As well as pinpointing your fertile window and confirming ovulation, Oova offers action plans for you and your partner that include optimum times to have sex, nutrition and wellness tips, and notice of potential obstacles to conception.

Includes: 15 urine test strips/month, stand, handle, mobile app access.

How to Use

Download the Oova app and create your account. When the app instructs you to use an Oova test, take a cartridge and provide a urine sample either midstream or by dipping it into a cup of urine. This will capture two hormones--luteinizing hormone and progesterone. Next, start the timer in the app. When the timer finishes, scan the cartridge using the camera on your phone. Within seconds, the Oova app will display precise hormone levels with clear explanations. Additionally, you'll receive actionable steps for both partners every day that can improve your ability to conceive.

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The Oova Kit


The Oova Kit