The Rose Quartz Acupressure Gua Sha Spoon

Once Per Month
Every Other Month

Sculpt features and enjoy a deep facial massage with The Rose Quartz Acupressure Gua Sha Spoon from Mount Lai. Created to facilitate more precise work, this tool shapes areas like the cheeks and melts facial tension by drawing on the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of acupressure.

This product is made with real, authentic crystal. The stone is delicate and should be treated with care.

Cleanse the face and prep with a massage balm. Use the rounded spoon end to sculpt the face, paying special attention to underneath the cheekbones. Use the smaller end to massage slow circles into acupressure trigger points, focusing on the brow bone, temples, ears, and along the jaw.

Clean your tool after each use by wiping it with a microfiber cloth or running it under warm water with soap. For a deeper clean, place your tool in a bowl of warm water and use a gentle facial or make-up brush cleanser to scrub with your hands. Disinfectants, bleach, and alcohol wipes can also be used as they will not damage the stone. Use a microfiber cloth to dry your tool before placing it back in its Mount Lai box.
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