Modern Nature

Rested CBD Capsules

A plant-based combination of full-spectrum CBD, melatonin, amino acids, and essential vitamins that work together to deliver a rejuvenating, full night of sleep, naturally. L-theanine promotes relaxation, while B vitamins regulate tryptophan to stabilize your sleep cycle, and ultimately give you better, more restful sleep.

60 capsules
900mg CBD / 15mg per capsule
Full spectrum CBD provides whole-plant power in a convenient capsule. A non-psychoactive way to decrease stress and anxiety and get your mind to fall into a deep night’s sleep with no lingering effects in the morning.
Vitamin B3, vitamin B6, L-theanine, 5-HTP, GABA, valerian root extract, full-spectrum hemp extract, melatonin
Take one capsule daily with water, 30-60 minutes before sleep. Use only as directed.