Focus Tincture


This full spectrum focusing formula features a terpene forward blend of a-pinene, limonene, b-caryophyllene, and linalool with cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, and CBD. Earthy in taste with notes of citrus and cedar, this modest concentration of cannabinoids and alerting terpenes simultaneously calm and focus the body and mind.

500mg CBD / 16.6mg per dropper

Earthy in scent and taste, this mild full spectrum formula inspires focus with a blend of alerting terpenes and calming cannabinoids.
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic MCT Oil
Fill dropper to desired volume and dispense oil under the tongue. Allow to sit for 2 breaths before consuming.

About the Brand


Mineral founder Matthew Miller was drawn to the power of plants after a Peruvian hiking trip took a painful turn, ending in an amoeba parasite that required him to fly back to the US. Grown organically in small batches in Colorado, Mineral’s products are 100% organic and free of pesticides and chemicals. The plant’s essential fats, proteins, and vitamins are preserved in the extraction process, allowing for products that absorb into the body efficiently for balance in both the body and mind.