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Discreet and easy-to-use, Drop sits in the palm of your hand, intended as a total-body, erogenous zone massager. This three-speed vibrator is available in Green and Grey, and comes with a natural canvas pouch ideal for travel and storage.

Length: 2.68in / Width: 2.05in / Run Time: 1-1.5 hours at highest speed and 1.5-2 hours at lowest speed

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To turn on, hold button for three seconds until you feel two high-speed vibrations. Drop's battery light will blink when it needs to be charged. To fully charge, plug into a USB wall adaptor for 2 hours. Do so after every use to maintain optimal battery life. Clean before and after every use with a mild, unscented soap or a silicone-safe cleanser, like Maude Clean No.0. Do not use with silicone lubricant.
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