Let's Get Closer: Table Talk

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Engage dinner guests in open, entertaining, and meaningful conversation with Let's Get Closer: Table Talk, an easy-to-play card game from Intelligent Change. Created to deepen connections and add a transformative element to gatherings, these prompt cards kickstart discussions by asking the important questions in life. Additionally, each plastic-free card is made from recyclable and biodegradable FSC-certified paper.

52 prompt and wild cards

Recommended for players aged 16+

How to Use

Start by creating a relaxing and welcoming dinner atmosphere so the conversation can be the primary focus. Place the cards on the table and take turns reading and answering questions. You can follow the order of the cards or choose randomly. Listen mindfully to the answers and ask follow-up questions to help the participants open up and go deeper. Once you've finished going through all the cards, take some time to reflect on the answers together.

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