Fertility Tracker and Kegel Ball


Maximize your chances of conception with the kegg Fertility Tracker and Kegel Ball.

This FDA-registered fertility tracker senses cervical fluid, the key indicator to predicting your fertile window, to help you detect your peak fertility and plan ahead with confidence. Additionally, kegg fits seamlessly into your routine and there's no need to wear it overnight. Simply insert the device for two minutes a day, then connect to a free mobile app that displays your unique daily fertility status, cyclical trends, and fertility predictions.

As a bonus, you can use kegg's Kegel feature to exercise your pelvic floor muscles before the reading starts. As well as helping to strengthen your pelvic floor, doing this workout before taking a fertility reading can also increase lubrication and circulation for easier data collection.

Includes: kegg Fertility Tracking Kegel Ball device, complete charging set, user manual, free mobile app access.

How to Use

Pick a consistent two-hour time frame to take your reading each day. Find a comfortable position and connect your kegg with the app to start your reading. Next, fully insert the ball-shaped part of the kegg inside your vagina with the tail remaining outside, facing forward. If desired, you can complete Kegel exercises before the reading starts. You’ll feel one vibration to signal that the reading has begun and two vibrations when the reading is complete. When the reading is complete, view your results on the cycle graph. You can record other fertility notes such as BBT, sexual activity, LH tests, and more.

kegg is best suited for women who are trying to get pregnant, have regular ovulatory cycles of 21-40 days in length, are off hormonal birth control or IUD and their ovulatory cycles have returned, and are at least 6 weeks postpartum and have had at least two menstrual cycles.

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Fertility Tracker and Kegel Ball


Fertility Tracker and Kegel Ball