Kanjo Heat Therapy Acupressure Pillow


Alleviate stomach, leg, and neck pain with the Kanjo Heat Therapy Acupressure Pillow. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that healing energy flows throughout the body via pathways, and blockages in these pathways cause the aches and spasms we experience. This pillow draws on these teachings and aims to address such pains by targeting and engaging acupressure points. Made with organic cotton linen and BPA-free plastic stimulators, this pillow also contains an internal water bottle that can be filled with water to deliver hot or cold compress therapy.

Length: 13in / Width: 8.5in

Note: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

How to Use

While best results are achieved when your bare skin makes contact with the stimulators on the pillow, you can wear a shirt and long pants if the sensation is overwhelming. If it's your first time using this pillow, start by allowing the area in need to make contact with the stimulators for 15 minutes. Be aware that it may initially feel strange or uncomfortable but that this feeling will usually subside after a few minutes of contact.
To fill the water bottle, start by opening the Velcro® and folding back the fabric to reveal the water bottle’s neck. Turn the cap counter-clockwise to remove. Fill the bottle with warm or cold tap water until it's about two-thirds full before releasing excess air and turning the cap clockwise until it’s secured back on the bottle. Test for leakage by turning the bottle upside down and applying pressure. If there are no leaks, pull the fabric back over the water bottle’s neck and secure the Velcro®.

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Kanjo Heat Therapy Acupressure Pillow


Kanjo Heat Therapy Acupressure Pillow