Kanjo Coconut Acupressure Mat


The Kanjo Coconut Acupressure Mat is a convenient and effective way to address aches and discomfort at home. This mat draws on the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of acupressure to target specific points along the back, neck, and shoulders to ultimately relieve pain and stress. Made with natural coconut fiber, 100% organic cotton linen, and BPA-free plastic stimulators, the Kanjo Coconut Acupressure Mat is an eco-friendly choice when it comes to taking control of your daily wellbeing.

Length: 28in / Width: 17in / Height: 1in

How to Use

Lie down on the mat with your back evenly placed on the plastic stimulators. While best results are achieved when you lie with your bare skin on the mat, you can wear a shirt if the sensation is overwhelming. If it's your first time using an acupressure mat, start by laying down for 15 minutes. Be aware that it may initially feel strange or uncomfortable but that this feeling will usually subside after a few minutes of contact. For extra back and neck support, place your Kanjo Acupressure Cushion at the top of the mat. Once your back has made contact with the mat, place your neck on the pillow.
Alternatively, you can stand on the mat and apply pressure to the feet to mimic the effects of reflexology.

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Kanjo Coconut Acupressure Mat


Kanjo Coconut Acupressure Mat