Humidity Sensor

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Maintain optimal humidity levels in your home with the Vitruvi Humidity Sensor. Featuring a built-in thermometer, this compact and easy to use accesory allows you to check the humidity in your space and can be paired with the Vitruvi Cloud Humidifier.

Includes: Humidity Sensor, AAA battery

How to Use

Open the battery compartment, unwrap the AAA battery, and put it back inside the sensor. Slide the switch to either °C or °F position to turn the sensor on. Place the sensor in a spot that has average temperature and air movement for that room. Do not place it right next to your humidifier. Check the humidity level; an optimal range is between 40% and 60%.

Use your Vitruvi Cloud Humidifier to adjust the humidity level in your home.

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Humidity Sensor


Humidity Sensor