Superfood Latte Sampler

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Perfect for finding your favorite taste, the Golde Superfood Latte Sampler features four sachets each of Original Turmeric Latte Blend, Cacao Turmeric Latte Blend, and Matcha Turmeric Latte Blend. Original Turmeric Latte Blend features single-origin, organic turmeric from India to help boost skin clarity, support gut health, and improve immunity. Meanwhile, Cacao Turmeric Latte Blend boasts raw, fermented cacao from Peru which can relieve stress and elevate mood, and Matcha Turmeric Latte Blend offers a boost of clean energy and focus without jitters or a mid-afternoon caffeine crash.

Natural and vegan.

12 sachets

Enjoy your chosen sachet in water, milk, or smoothies, or combine with your favorite hot or cold drinks.
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