Fur Trimmer

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Groom your hair to the length you wish with the Fur Trimmer by Fur, a versatile razor designed with all bodies and grooming desires in mind. Cordless, chargeable, and water-resistant, the Fur Trimmer allows you to quickly trim or shave hair anywhere on your body. Furthermore, it can be used on wet or dry skin so is ideal for use both in and out of the shower. Rounded blades that don’t nick and a LED spotlight support an accurate and razor burn-free grooming experience.

Includes: 1 trimmer, 3 trimmer guides (short - 1mm, medium - 2.5mm, long - 5mm), charging base, USB charging cable, charging adapter, and storage bag.

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The Fur Trimmer can be used on wet or dry skin and anywhere on the body including the face, pubic area, legs, armpits, and arms.
Start by choosing one of four lengths—without a guide to shave bare, or with one of the three included guides to trim the hair. To shave completely bare, wet your skin and apply a thin layer of shaving cream. Use short, even strokes, and apply light pressure when using the Fur Trimmer. To trim your hair, attach your chosen guide by pushing it down on the head of the instrument and snapping it into place. Use on wet or dry skin.
After using the Fur Trimmer, hydrate your skin with Fur Oil.
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