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Soothe your spirit and uplift your mood with this luxury CBD chocolates collection box. This collection includes 2 of the following chocolates: SOOTHE PMS made with primrose oil and vitamin C to help ease aches and pains, UPLIFT made with reishi mushrooms to support the immune system, and AROUSE made with damiana to boost libido.

20mg CBD each / 120mg Full-Spectrum CBD Total / 13 oz

How to Use

If you are new to CBD, start with one truffle. It can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to notice the effects. Adjust dosage according to preference.


Soothe: Blood Orange, Primrose Oil, Cacao. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract.
Uplift: Chili Lime Oil, Pepitas, Cacao. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract.
Arouse: Extra Dark Cacao, Damiana. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract.
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