Holiday Votive Set

Allow the candle lover on your gift list to find their favorite festive fragrance with the Boy Smells Holiday Votive Set. The Figurare Candle blends fig leaves, cardamom, and fir balsam to offer a modern take on traditional opulence, while the De Nîmes Candle features both earthy notes like eucalyptus and holiday essences like rhubarb, and the Broken Rosary Candle draws on cedarwood, rose water, moss, and cinnamon leaf to create a scent they’re sure to worship.

Natural, and free of paraffin and phthalates.

3 x 3oz / 85g candles / Burn time: about 18 hours each

How to Use

Light each candle for a festive scent.

For optimal burning, use your Boy Smells Wick Cutter to trim each candle’s wick to 1/4” before lighting. This will prevent the candle from smoking or overheating. To ensure an even burn for future lights, the first burn should be long enough to liquify the entire top layer of wax. Refrain from burning your candle for longer than three hours at a time.


Three coconut and beeswax candles with braided cotton wicks in glass tumblers.
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