Cedar Stack Home & Away Twinset

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Enjoy a woodsy, floral scent that inspires nostalgia in your space and elsewhere with the Boy Smells Cedar Stack Home & Away Twinset. This giftable boxed set includes two candles; one standard-sized to enjoy at home, and one votive-sized to take with you on your travels. Both offer the unique blend of cedar chips, dried tobacco, peppercorn, and juniper berry that you love in the Cedar Stack Candle.

Natural, and free of paraffin and phthalates.

Standard Candle: 8.5oz / 240g/ Burn time: about 50 hours
Votive Candle: 3oz / 85g candles / Burn time: about 18 hours

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Two coconut and beeswax blend candles with braided cotton wicks in glossy, black glass tumblers.

How to Use

Light each candle for a woodsy, floral scent.

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Cedar Stack Home & Away Twinset

Boy Smells

Cedar Stack Home & Away Twinset