Candle Care Set

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Enjoy your candles to their full potential with the Boy Smells Candle Care Set. This beautifully pragmatic set includes three tools made of matte black plated metal: a Wick Trimmer for clipping ashy, excess wick to promote a clean burn, a Snuffer to easily extinguish your flame, and a Wick Dipper to also extinguish flames smoke-free and to adjust off-center wicks. Additionally, a minimalist Oval Tray gives you a place to rest your tools or candles.

Includes: Wick Trimmer, Snuffer, Wick Dipper, and Oval Tray.

How to Use

Use the Wick Cutter to trim your candle’s wick to 1/4 inch before lighting to ensure a clean burn. To extinguish a flame, lay the dome head of the Snuffer over the flame for a few seconds. Alternatively, use the hook of the Wick Dipper to gently submerge the wick into the molten wax and then pull it back up. The Wick Dipper can also be used to adjust the placement of your wick if it becomes off-center.

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