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Day + Night Tincture Kit

Once Per Month
Every Other Month

Enjoy elevated mood throughout the day and restful sleep at night with the Mineral Day + Night Tincture Kit. Formulated to reduce anxiety and stress, the full spectrum Balance Tincture features mood-specific terpenes to invoke a subtle bliss in body and mind. Meanwhile, Sleep Tincture combines CBD, CBG, and naturally sedative terpenes to promote deeper sleep.

1000mg / 1500mg CBD
Balance Tincture: 1fl oz / 30ml / 1000mg CBD
Sleep Tincture: 1fl oz / 30ml / 1500mg CBD

500mg / 750mg CBD
Balance Tincture: 1fl oz / 30ml / 500mg CBD
Sleep Tincture: 1fl oz / 30ml / 750mg CBD

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When needed throughout the day, fill the Balance Tincture dropper to the desired volume (we recommend beginning with half a dropper) and dispense the oil under your tongue. Let it sit for two breaths before swallowing. At bedtime, do the same with the Sleep Tincture.
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