B Mat Mini

Once Per Month
Every Other Month

Help the little one in your life learn the joy of yoga with the B Mat Mini from B Yoga. Made eco-consciously in Spain, this mat offers the superior grip and durability that you know and love in the B Mat Everyday but in a size more suited to children.

Length: 55in / Width: 23in / Height: 4mm / Weight: 2.5lbs

How to Use

Encourage your child to stand, sit, or lie on your mat while practicing yoga so they can experience comfort and stability. Pre- or post-practice, roll the mat with the colored side facing out to help maintain its grip.

Use water or mild detergent to clean your mat when necessary. After rinsing the water or detergent off, wipe the mat dry, lay it flat, and airy dry out of direct sunlight with the colored side facing up. Allow the mat to dry completely before using again.
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