Made with the earth in mind Highlighting our brands and their commitment to protecting the planet for future generations.

A Complexion Company With a deep belief in the sacred relationship between humans, animals, and the natural world, A Complexion Company works with suppliers who work directly with the communities who provide the ingredients. With the aim to keep as short of a supply chain as possible, they practice an African-informed circularity model that requires what is taken from the earth to be returned. SHOP NOW

BEAR As an Australian-based brand, BEAR feels a strong connection to the land and sea and strives to protect these as much as possible. How? By donating to conservation not-for-profits like the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, and offsetting their carbon emissions by supporting a reforestation project. SHOP NOW

Costa Brazil For beauty that gives back, Costa Brazil uses recycled, biodegradable materials and wild-harvesting whenever possible and works with local cooperatives and scientists to ensure production is good for the earth. Partnering with Conservation International, Costa Brazil also works to offer empowering opportunities for river-side agricultural communities previously burdened with growing conflict crops. SHOP NOW

Form Nutrition B Corp certified and built on the belief that human health depends on the health of the planet, Form Nutrition uses trusted research and sustainable practices to impact society. Partnering with the Bansang Hospital in The Gambia, every purchase helps support the healthcare needs of 600,000 people. SHOP NOW

OSEA In 2002, OSEA became the first company to sign The Compact for Global Production of Safe Health and Beauty Products, an initiative from the Environmental Working Group. Osea continues to work to preserve the planet today by formulating each product without synthetic ingredients and utilizing recyclable glass packaging. SHOP NOW

Prima Prima prides itself on offering products that are good for both you and the planet. This plant-based wellness brand is 100% carbon neutral, says no to more than 2,800 chemicals and materials that present eco-toxicity or contamination concerns, and is a certified B Corp. SHOP NOW

Plant People A carbon-neutral company and certified B Corp, Plant People offers CBD-infused supplements and skincare - and is proud to plant a tree for every product sold. SHOP NOW

Wilde House Paper With one tree planted per order and 100% recycled paper, Wilde House chooses recovered stocks and works with Pachama to neutralize their shipping emissions. SHOP NOW

Wunder Workshop Focusing on consumption with purpose, Wunder Workshop harvests the power of regenerative-grown plants, keeping the farmer, environment, and soil health in mind at every stage of the process. Ethically sourcing organic turmeric and other ingredients from small community farms in Sri Lanka, the brand also sources ingredients that are wild-harvested and growing in their natural habitat. SHOP NOW