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Make Your Voice Heard

We all know voting goes far beyond tinctures and gummies. To have your say in the shaping of our future, make sure you’re registered to vote in upcoming elections…and show up on the day!

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Primary Elections Are Underway

And voting is currently open in states like New York, Florida, and Oklahoma. Are you ready to vote in your state?

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Your Reading List

From reproductive rights to climate change to gun violence, learn more about issues on the ballot that affect the health of people and the planet.

Abortion Information

Find out what the laws are in your state now and stay up to date on evolving situations.

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Candidates for Gun Safety

Save this list of candidates who’ve been endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund.

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Ocean-Friendly Plastic Alternatives

With an estimated 14 million tons of plastic ending up in oceans each year, it’s time to make a change.

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