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Standard Dose is committed to elevating wellness through a curated selection of carefully vetted products, and places daily emphasis on transparency, education, and experience.

Our team is comprised of creatives, marketers, project managers, buyers, salespeople, customer service representatives, people leaders and more. We promote an egoless, supportive and toxic free work environment so that people can show up as their whole selves and do their best work.

Our Values

  • Welcoming opportunities as they come and not being afraid to walk down unexpected paths. Adapting to strategies as they change even if we don’t understand why. Being a cooperative team player even if we don’t agree with the current strategy.

  • Taking something and running with it. Not waiting for permission or for someone else to pick up the slack. Feeling empowered to make the call and execute. We should never be afraid to learn from our experiences.

  • Speaking up with no fear that our words will be shut down, dismissed, or judged unfairly. If something bothers us, we know we can bring it up and be heard. We don’t beat around the bush or passive aggressively communicate to make a point. We are transparent and direct because it is most effective, and we feel safe to do so.

  • Passionately working together to discover, strategize, communicate and deliver results in a unified effort. Championing big ideas and leaning on each other’s strengths to make the ideas that excite us most, realities.

  • The learning should never stop. We encourage curious minds and questions that lead to solutions, listening before we take action, and taking feedback that propels us forward. Stopping halfway is not an option — there are always other avenues to explore and consider.

  • Not tolerating toxic behavior, and actively discouraging a culture of blame, harmful language, or unfair comparison. All of these stem from fear and insecurity, which will prevent us from moving forward in a unified direction.

  • "...kind employees, good energy, management that really cares, flexible, accommodating, lovely customers, aesthetically pleasing work environment, meaningful products, not your typical retail environment, team gatherings, you get to meditate on your breaks, ha!"

    "...kind employees, good energy, management that really cares, flexible, accommodating, lovely customers, aesthetically pleasing work environment, meaningful products, not your typical retail environment, team gatherings, you get to meditate on your breaks, ha!"

    SD HQ

    Our office is located in Flatiron, on Broadway between 26th and 27th, steps away from Madison Square Park. Our space is open and bright, with an atmosphere created to encourage collaboration and calm work.

    There is a small conference room for meetings, a comfy couch, and kitchen area stocked with healthy snacks and a Nespresso machine for those who need a boost. All team members have access to the beautiful Standard Dose space (right below us) at any time.

    Benefits & Perks

  • Including a Flexible Vacation Policy, Holidays, Sick Time, Parental Leave, Company-wide Wellness Days

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We are in the process of creating a formal internship program. We do offer occasional internships depending on the needs of the business. If an internship position does become available, it will be posted here. This being said, we are always accepting resumes, you can email them here.

    We are always looking for ways to learn, grow and hold ourselves accountable to what is right, while amplifying the voices of marginalized and systematically oppressed communities. We strive to elevate wellness while making it more accessible to every person. Our People team continues to implement internal initiatives to diversify our team and make our work culture a space that is equitable and inclusive. See our latest progress report here.

    Currently, we have a hybrid working setup, where all HQ employees based in NY and the tri-state area are highly encouraged to go into the Flatiron office twice per week, working remotely the remaining days. While we will always value flexibility, we also value creative collaboration, which for us works best when we come together to share our energies and ideas in person. This being said, our top priority is always to keep our team members safe and comfortable. We are constantly monitoring the situation with the pandemic and will remain agile, making shifts as necessary.

    We use a structured hiring process to ensure that every candidate is assessed similarly and thoroughly to ensure they are a fit on both sides. Through our process, we evaluate core skills and use our values to determine whether Standard Dose is the place where you'll be able to do your best work. You can expect to meet with at least 3 members of the team (including your potential manager). Culture is very important to our team, so we aim to have you meet with as much of the team as possible. If you are applying for a creative role, there will also be an assessment to complete.

    We will be in touch as soon as possible to let you know if you've moved on to the next stage. When we fill a role, we’ll send an email to let you know the position is no longer available. Sometimes it takes a while to fill positions, so please be patient if you haven’t heard from us!

    Open Positions

    There are no open roles at the moment. Check back soon!