Standard Dose is a venture-capital backed multi-brand CBD and plant-based wellness experience dedicated to the pursuit of elevated wellness through natural healing practices. Discovering and harnessing the restorative properties of plants, our platform represents a curated selection of the most effective and trusted products available.

Our Values

Openness + Flexibility
Welcoming opportunities as they come and not being afraid to walk down unexpected paths. Adapting to strategies as they change even if we don’t understand why. Being a cooperative team player even if we don’t agree with the current strategy.

Ownership + Discretion
Taking something and running with it. Not waiting for permission or for someone else to pick up the slack. Feeling empowered to make the call and execute. We should never be afraid to learn from our experiences.

Safe + Transparent Communication
Speaking up with no fear that our words will be shut down, dismissed, or judged unfairly. If something bothers us, we know we can bring it up and be heard. We don't beat around the bush or passive aggressively communicate to make a point. We are transparent and direct because it is most effective and we feel safe to do so.

Creative Collaboration
Passionately working together to discover, strategize, communicate and deliver results in a unified effort. Championing big ideas and leaning on each other’s strengths to make the ideas that excite us most, realities.

Curiosity + Exploration
The learning should never stop. We encourage curious minds and questions that lead to solutions, listening before we take action, and taking feedback that propels us forward. Stopping half way is not an option — there are always other avenues to explore and consider.

No Toxicity + Egoless Intention
There will be no tolerance for toxic behavior, and we actively discourage a blaming culture, shameful language, and unfair comparison. All of these stem from fear and insecurity, which will prevent us from moving forward in a unified direction.

Open Positions

Performance Marketing Manager - New York, NY

We are looking for a passionate, experienced Performance Marketing Manager to join the marketing team headquartered in our NYC office. This individual will be a key contributor to the success of the aggressively-growing Standard Dose business, working closely with the brand marketing and creative teams.

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Junior Creative - New York, NY

We are looking for a Junior Creative with a discerning eye and elevated aesthetic who can visually bring the Standard Dose brand to life across print and digital mediums. 

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Social Media Intern - New York, NY

We're looking for a Social Media Intern, who will play an active role in the day-to-day ideation for and management of our social platforms. This is a hands-on opportunity in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

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Creative Intern - New York, NY

We are looking for a Creative Intern, who will join all areas of the brand from e-commerce, social media, editorial, and brand partner relations. This is a hands-on opportunity in a dynamic, fast-paced startup environment.

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Senior Creative Designer - New York, NY

We are looking for a natural born design leader with an elevated aesthetic who can drive creative through a user-centered lens that’s sharply focused on education, wellness, and CBD. We are a lean team, so someone who can conceptualize a billboard, execute design for a pitch deck, and design a newsletter, all while displaying the highest level of motivation, tenacity, and organization is the collaborative team player we are seeking.

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Associate Content Editor - New York, NY

We are looking for an organized and thoughtful Associate Content Editor to join the team in our NoMad NYC office. This individual will be responsible for further refining and maintaining the brand voice in content across all consumer touchpoints including digital, social, print.

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Wholesale Sales Manager - New York, NY

We are looking for a person with an entrepreneurial spirit who can contribute to the development of a fast growing startup and drive strong revenue growth. This person must possess a demonstrated ability to creatively find ways to work with channel partners to increase revenue while adapting to changing market conditions and customer needs.

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Head of Retail Experience - New York, NY

We are looking for our Head of Retail Experience for our new Retail location. You will have ownership of the store, inclusive of making appropriate business decisions, creating solutions, maintaining visual standards They will be focused on developing the team through smart training and leadership; identifying top talent and maintaining a successful bench. 

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Sales Associate - New York, NY

Responsible for providing an outstanding customer experience, meeting/exceeding sales targets and ensuring that the floor is well maintained and stocked at all times. Focusing on all details with a firm, clear and highly professional style.

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Fulfillment Associate - New York, NY

We are looking for someone who has incredible attention to detail and is able to multitask in a fast-paced environment. As a Fulfillment Associate, your primary goal is making sure the items our customers order are flawless, packaged beautifully, and on-time.

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