Wylde One

Adaptogenic Variety Pack


A variety pack of Wylde One’s best-selling elixirs, formulated with medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens, and superfoods for daily wellness. Includes 3 packets of each: Brain Buzz Adaptogenic Elixir, Supertonic Energy Adaptogenic Elixir, Yoga In A Cup Adaptogenic Elixir, and Immune Shrooms Adaptogenic Elixir


About the Brand

Wylde One

As a wellness blogger, Wylde-One founder Stephanie Park quickly discovered that much of what was on her shelves either took an elaborate amount of time to prepare, or included poorly sourced ingredients. The Brooklyn-based brand began out of a desire for transparency, and created functional foods that are simple and effective. Designed to help you feel, move, and think at your best, adaptogenic elixirs are focused on improving cognition and immunity, relieving stress and anxiety, and, above all, heightening daily wellness..