Vanilla Soap


Using high-quality whole-plant hemp extracts and organic coconut oil for a rich, nourishing foundation makes this warm, vanilla-scented body bar incredibly soothing on your skin. Lathering into a luxurious foam for an exfoliating experience that works both on the body and face as a natural makeup remover and a shampoo as well. The soap bar contains full spectrum hemp CBD oil and reacts with your body's endocannabinoid receptors to release muscle tension and reduce stress and anxiety, making a hot shower all the more therapeutic.

20mg CBD

We love the versatility of this full spectrum CBD body bar and how gentle it is for sensitive skin. Don't hesitate to use it on your face, in your hair, everywhere. We noticed improvements to various skin conditions, including eczema.
Use as everyday soap, make-up remover, and as shampoo
Coconut oil, Lye, water, 20mg CBD oil, Vanilla essential oil

About the Brand


Founded in Vancouver in 2012, Wildflower began with the mission of inspiring people to live a holistic way of life by connecting them to the healing power of nature’s remedies. Committed to core values of transparency, sustainability, and freedom, Wildflower is dedicated to creating safe, effective products. Every item they make is produced in the USA in GMP facilities, before being third-party lab tested for accurate labeling and quality assurance. Made with 100% plant-derived, natural ingredients like coconut oil, peppermint, and shea butter, Wildflower is a brand you can use confidently.