Cherry CBD Chocolate Truffles


Nourishing full spectrum hemp is blended with a seasonal hull of organic, California farmers market cherries. Calivolve cherries are candied in small batches to ensure a unique, fruity flavor for dark chocolate CBD truffles that will ease your mind, relax your muscles, and satisfy your sweet tooth.

80mg CBD / 20mg each piece / 4 pieces total

Hemp, phytonutrient-rich cocoa, and cherries come together to create indulgent and healthful chocolates that are balanced in taste. The subtle aroma from peak season cherries is truly decadent and complimentary to a dark chocolate base. Two squares are the perfect portion snack to indulge in after dinner or to share with someone you love.
Enjoy 2 squares (40mg CBD) per day.
Ashwagandha, maca, organic cherries and full spectrum, pure-American hemp. 1.3 oz package. 20 mg CBD per portion - set of squares. 80 mg CBD per package. 809.1 mg/g, 80.91% CBD. 0.00% THC

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About the Brand


Calivolve cofounders, Lilly Cabral and My Thai, are equal parts cannabis enthusiasts and seasoned financiers. In 2017, Calivolve was founded in California with the intent to help cannabis become as socially acceptable as a glass of wine by creating delicious and luxurious products for everyday life.

Made using full spectrum American hemp, Calivolve's nourishing dark Belgian chocolate CBD truffles harness the power of CBD and complimentary herbs like ashwagandha and maca, resulting in a powerful, anti-inflammatory, and energizing treat.