Standard Dose

Standard Dose Tincture


Created for daily use, the Standard Dose Tincture contains 1000mg CBD isolate, MCT oil, and 0% THC. Made with hemp sourced from New York State, our formula adapts to your body’s unique chemistry to help reduce inflammation and pain, relieve stress and anxiety, and elevate your daily wellness routine. Scentless and tasteless, the Standard Dose Tincture is ideal for sublingual use and as a complement to your morning coffee, salad dressing, or avocado toast. Over time, MCT oil naturally alters the formula's color to a soft shade of pink.

1000mg CBD / 33mg per dropper

CBD isolate works with your body's unique chemistry to relieve stress, reduce inflammation, and soothe aches and pains.
1000mg CBD Isolate, MCT oil
Apply one full dropper under tongue, hold for 20 seconds, and swallow. Recommended for daily use up to 2x per day.

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