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Made from GOT certified organic cotton and presented in a durable silicone case, LastTissue by LastObject is a sustainable alternative to the traditional packet of tissues. Each tissue in this convenient six-pack can be washed up to 520 times and is sewn with rolled hems for maximum longevity. The silicone case allows you to take your LastTissue anywhere and has been designed to help you hygienically separate used and unused tissues. Available with a black, green, or blue case.

6 tissues per pack.
Tissue Length: 7.38in / Width 7.28 in
Case Length: 4.33in / Width: 2.16in / Height: 0.98in

Eliminate single-use items from your routine with The LastObject Bundle

Take a tissue from the bottom of the case. After using the tissue, store it in the case on top of the silicone barrier so clean tissues are pushed down and divided from the used ones. To clean, hand or machine wash tissues at 60C/140F. The silicone case can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
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