Hemp Infused Raw Honey


Raw and unrefined in texture, this natural hemp honey is equally soothing for your body as it is beneficial for daily stress and anxiety management. Combining the Ayurvedic properties of raw honey, harvested in Potli's own hives in California, with the natural calming, healing effects of full spectrum CBD, your evening cup of tea is made even more tranquil.

120mg CBD / 10mg per tablespoon

Hemp-derived full spectrum CBD joins our favorite golden superfood to reduce inflammation, ease digestion, and fight infection naturally. This raw honey has a delicious grainy texture without the taste of hemp. We love it before bed or atop morning oats to ease the body and mind.
Raw natural grade A honey, MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, full spectrum CBD
Enjoy 1 tablespoon per two hours.

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About the Brand


Potli was founded by Felicity Chen and Christine Yi, two best-friends passionate about creating high-quality products for a high-functioning life. The brand started by making flagship honey for Chen’s mother, an asthma patient, and has grown to include a variety of delicious offerings. Potli's core beliefs lie in happiness, health, and honesty: happiness as the feeling they hope to provide, health as the paramount priority in daily life, and honesty in product creation and communication within their community.