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Enjoy a smooth, irritation-free shave for every part of your body with the Safety Razor from Well Kept. An alternative to plastic razors (two billion of which end up in landfills each year in the US alone), this weighty brass razor has been designed for longevity. This razor comes with one stainless steel blade that helps to reduce razor burn and ingrown hairs, and is also compatible with standard safety razor blades. Additionally, the well kept Safety Razor comes in a 100% recyclable box.

Available in rose, cream, or black.


Brass, Aluminum, Powder Coat, One Stainless Steel Blade

How to Use

To set up your razor, start with dry hands out of the shower or bath. Hold the handle of your razor in one hand and grip the head in the other, pinching down from top to bottom. Unscrew the handle and gently lay all the parts down. Next, pick up the blade, taking care not to touch the sharp edges, and pop it onto the top piece, lining up the holes in the razor with the spokes on the head. Gently lay the flat head piece on top with the spacer ridges touching the blade. Hold the head steady by pinching the top and bottom, avoiding the sharp blade edges, and then screw the handle back on.

Start your shaving routine by first exfoliating skin with the Agave Exfoliating Cloth to unclog pores and soften hair. Then, use the Shaving Oil or Shave Soap to add lubrication between the blade and your skin. Hold your razor at a 30-degree angle, or one that works best for you, and glide the razor gently over your skin, shaving in the direction of hair growth. The weighty brass handle already provides the perfect amount of pressure for shaving so there’s no need to apply additional pressure.

Keep your razor clean by rinsing it out after every few passes. To do so, hold the head tight and unscrew the handle a small amount. Run it under the shower or swish it through a small bowl of water to remove any buildup.

Swap your blade out with a new one from the Blades - Pack of 20 every five to eight shaves, or if you start experiencing any pulling, tugging, or irritation.

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