Ease Functional Body Relief Oil


Intended to renew and restore, this body relief oil soothes muscular tension with full spectrum CBD and a transformative blend of botanicals. With notes of bergamot and clary sage, use to release the body and uplift the mind.

400mg CBD per bottle

Full spectrum CBD and active botanicals ease the muscles by releasing stiffness and alleviating soreness. Floral notes from rose and ravintsara lift the spirit.
Jojoba Oil*, Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil*, Grapeseed Oil*, and Essential Oil blend of Turmeric*, Lavender*, Geranium*, Clary Sage*, Bergamot*, Rose*, Ylang Ylang*, Ravintsara*
*Organic ingredients, hemp grown with organic practices/pending certification
Work this rich oil into specific pain points for relief.

About the Brand


With a background as a former pastry chef and certified sommelier, founder Jewel Zimmer brings a farm-to-table mentality to Juna. Finding inspiration in the craft and practices of winemaking, Juna is made in California on boutique farms. Drops can be used daily for balance, but are also ideal for entertaining as they can be seamlessly incorporated into dining experiences. All products are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.