Meditation Cushion Set

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Support your posture and experience true comfort while meditating with the Standard Dose Meditation Cushion Set. Designed to be used separately or together to elevate your daily practice, this set includes a round zafu cushion as well as a square zabuton floor cushion to help protect your spine and rest your feet and legs. Both pieces boast a soft cotton cover and are filled with buckwheat hulls and kapok, an antibacterial and moisture-resistant natural fiber.

Zafu: 13.7in x 6.3in
Zabuton: 23.6in x 2in
Total Weight: Approx. 7.7lbs

How to Use

Use these meditation cushions to make your practice more comfortable and supportive. Use each cushion separately or place the zafu on top of the zabuton to use together.

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Meditation Cushion Set

Standard Dose

Meditation Cushion Set