Ritual Baths Book

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Written by Deborah Hanekamp, this illustrated guide empowers you to be your own healer through ritual baths that aim to relieve stress and soothe aches and pains. Combining contemporary methods and ancient traditions, this book offers sixty bath recipes that incorporate crystals, herbs, and flowers, with an encyclopedia detailing each ingredient’s healing benefits.

272 pages

An Excerpt On How To Use This Book

This book is a modern guide for becoming your own healer. Organized by aura color, it is designed to empower you to use your intuition to infuse your aura with that which will bring you balance. You do not need to see or know the color of your aura in order to choose which bath is right for you. You will simply know. Yes, you are intuitive! You are intuitive because you have feelings and feelings are a powerful guide to your wisdom, even though they may sometimes make you uncomfortable. That discomfort is imperative for your growth. You can use what you are feeling, what you are calling in, or what you are clearing our spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically from your life as your guide to choosing which bath to take and which color to infuse into your aura. We all have experienced how our emotions can influence our energy. Our feelings affect our auras in the same way, because our auras are simply our energy bodies.
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