Wave Roller

The Wave Roller by Therabody is a full-body roller that combines a unique wave texture and five customizable vibration frequencies to deliver an effective and personalized foam rolling experience. By maximizing contact with the body, this tool helps you efficiently roll out large muscle groups like the quads, back, and hamstrings, as well as supporting a total full-body roll to enhance tension relief and boost recovery. The Wave Roller also boasts a hypo-allergenic surface, 3-hour battery life, and can be integrated with the Therabody app for tailored recovery routines. Comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

12in x 5.1 in

Wave Roller
Protective Carrying Pouch
Power Adapter

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Use the Wave Roller to relieve muscle soreness and support recovery. Place the device under the treatment area, gradually applying light to moderate pressure as needed. Roll slowly back and forth, and enjoy the relief that comes from the movement and vibrations.
Turn on the Wave Roller by pressing and holding the power button. As the roller will start on the lowest speed setting, press the plus (+) button to increase until you reach the desired speed. Turn the Wave Roller off by pressing and holding the power button until the device shuts down.
To charge the Wave Roller, turn the device off and plug the power adapter in the charging port. You’ll see the LED light on the power button flash until fully charged. Your device is fully charged when the light is solid green.
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