Core Premium Meditation Trainer

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Experience the benefits of meditation with the Core Premium Meditation Trainer, a handheld device and 12-month app subscription that acts as your personal meditation coach. The Core Meditation Trainer uses dynamic vibrations to anchor you in the present and guide your breath. Furthermore, the device's biosensors take the guesswork out of meditation by monitoring your heart rate and HRV. This allows you to see see how calm and focused you were during your session, track your progress over time, and feel motivated to continue your meditation journey. The Core Premium Meditation Trainer also includes a 12-month Premium subscription to the Core app which gives you access to more than 300 guided meditations, breathing exercises, and instructor-led classes that sync with your Cored Meditation Trainer. When used together, this device and app pairing helps you develop a consistent meditate practice that can reduce anxiety, improve resilience to stress, and support quality sleep.

Start by downloading the Core app on your Apple or Android mobile device. Complete signup and pair the device with your app via Bluetooth. Choose a meditation session from the Core app library, pick up the Core Meditation Trainer, and place your thumbs on the sensors. Your meditation will automatically begin. After your session, check the feedback displayed so you can how many minutes of calm and focus time you achieved, and track your progress over time.
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