The Yoga Mat Cleanser Concentrate

Create your own yoga tool cleaner with The Cleanser Concentrate by B Yoga. This organic and biodegradable formula draws on natural disinfecting ingredients to help you remove germs and bacteria from your yoga mat, props, and more. When mixed with water, one bottle of this concentrate can create four liters of cleanser.

Available in lavender or orange spearmint.

Natural, organic, and free of parabens.

16.9fl oz / 500ml

Concentrate is 1:8 ratio: 500ml concentre creates 4L mat cleanser. To create your cleanser, mix concentrate with water according to this ratio. Then, refill your bottle of The Cleanser with this mixture for easy tool cleaning.

To clean your yoga tools, spray each one with the cleanser you’ve created. Let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe. Allow your yoga tool to dry fully before storing or using it again.
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